Emaciated fish are usually exhausted as a result of disease: bacterial or parasitic infection. (Ill. 133-136, 139) On the emaciated Botias we observe the same symptom? for different diseases. (Ill. 132+133) Extremely emaciated fish may also have sunken eyes (Ill. 137 and Ill. 130 above) Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the stomach (Ascites or Dropsy) frequently causes the scales to stick out from the body as well as bulging eyes, a red fin base (especially at the pectoral fin) and a red protruding anus. (Ill. 140+141) Swollen fish can be found in Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids with so-called Malawi Bloat. (Ill. 142+143) Swollen bellies may also be caused by tumours, blockage of eggs or intestinal blockage. Tip: In the extremely emaciated or extremely swollen stage, treatment usually comes too late, but congeners that have not yet reached this stage or exhibit the signs only to a limited extent, can still be saved.